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Gasket and Plastic Supplies Trust, a Black Owned Business, based in Paarden Eiland Cape Town, is a newly founded supplier of Mechanical fluid Seals and Industrial products.

Martin Vallay, the co-founder decided to pull together his considerable knowledge of product, years of hands on experience in mechanical repairs with 20 years engineering experience in the shipping, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry- and start his own business.

Since its inception, in July 2012, this Company has been rapidly and consistently adding to our product line and meeting the needs of our customers. We have a vision to grow and become one of the leading suppliers of Gaskets, Plastics, Rubber & Cork commodities in South Africa.

Our product range, renowned reliability and commitment to service excellence has resulted in Gasket & Plastic Supplies being entrusted to service major customers within the Marine , Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical fields, both locally and nationally


At Gasket & Plastic Supplies the keywords are Understanding, Reliance, and Partnership.

We pay the closest attention to relations with our customers, working to establish heart-to-heart contact between people. We believe that the need for such contact is widespread and aim to provide our customers with true satisfaction.

Customers' business environments are changing rapidly. To understand the changes thoroughly and thus to know our customers' exact needs, we periodically survey our customers to determine how satisfied they are with our products and services. We apply the results of these surveys in solving our customers' problems.

Product range

We provide a wide range of specialised industrial products as listed below- all complying with the latest international quality standards to a diverse range of Engineering industries.

Manufactured using quality materials, these products are known for features like easy installation, optimum usage, safe to use and longer service life.

Offered at competitive prices, all our products can be customized with regards to size and dimension.

Our product range includes;

  • Insulation Material           - Rope lagging, Webbing Tape, Cloth and Pipe Sections
  • Gland Packaging               - Pumps, Valves and Stern Shaft
  • Cork                                   - Transformer Cork & GP Cork
  • Tufnol                                 - Sheets, Billets
  • Non Asbestos Gasket        - Pipe, Flanges and Engins
  • Rubber                               - Viton, Silicone, Neoprene, Nitrile, Rubber moulding and Extrusions
  • Felt                                     - W.E Felt, Saddle and Various Colours
  • Plastics                              - Nylon, HDPE, Perspex and Polycarb Sheeting
  • PTFE                                   - Teflon, Bellows, Tubes, Sheets and Rods
  • Vesconite                           - For Shipping, Sheets and Rods
  • Mechanical Seals               - For Pumps
  • Belzona                              - For repairing components
  • Sponge                               - Self Adhesive and Plain
  • Polyurathane                     - Moulding of Different Parts

•    Rubber Matting                 - Different types


With technology in the Engineering industry advancing in leaps and bounds, we ensure to keep up with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. In order to supply a wide variety of products, Gasket & Plastic Supplies has established sound relationships with leading manufacturers that can meet virtually any requirement that our customers may have and we continuously work to improve our services. 

Customer Service

We supply our customers with products that best meet the constantly changing needs in their technologies and are committed to building strong, long-term relationships with customers through timely product development and effective engineering support.

We liaise closely with our customers from the first inquiry to the final invoice, this not only forms an excellent working relationship but it also builds confidence between the customer and ourselves to ensure that all runs well.

GPS offers technical support to our customers by advising on:
• Technical specification 
• Appropriate (product / part)
• Advising on special features

After sales:
We maintain a professional and excellent after sales support, so as to provide better services to the customer.

The company has set ambitious targets for the future, which are being achieved with the infusion of new technology and quality management.

Service is key to our success.

BEE Rating:
** Level  1



The Team

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About Us

Gasket and Plastic Supplies Trust, a “black owned” business, based in Paarden Eiland Cape Town, is a newly founded supplier of Mechanical fluid Sealing’s and Industrial products.

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